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Lots of Pictures!!

Victoria's Halloween Pictures!

A few PAGES of pictures of Victoria!

A few Pictures of Myself.

Check out Mommy and Victoria hanging out.

Click here for Pictures of GRANDPARENTS!.

Click here to see Daddy and Victoria on their grand adventure!

Here are a few oil paintings Thome has painted.

Take a look at a few pictures of Thome.

Take a look at the view and the sunset from our backyard.

Pictures of our babies (Pets)!

A list of links we use often.

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Welcome to MY Web Page

Hello, and welcome to my web page. This web page is dedicated to Myself, my family, and the things we like. Let me give you a brief background.

Well first there is Victoria. She is three years old, and as you can see from her picture she is very beautiful. She loves to play in the sand box in the back yard, and loves the bath afterwards as well. She recently has been wearing "big girl panties" and has been useing the potty all by herself!

Next there is myself. I enjoy taking care of Victoria and running our Electrical company. I like to take walks in the evening. I love to go to the beach on warm sunny days. And I like playing Quake online and MUDS.

Next there is Thome, my husband. He does the field work in our company. He likes to ride his bike, with Victoria in tow. He likes to brew his own beer. He likes to put on a mask, snorkel, and fins and snorkel while Victoria and I swim. Sometimes I think he is a fish. He also likes playing Quake online.We fight over who gets to play next, that's why we have made another computer.

If you havent figured it out yet we live in Sunny Florida. We have a house on the water with ocean access for our boat. We love the winters here, but I can hardly bare the summers.

We currently have a few "babies" around the house... Shadow - Our black Lab, Dewlap - Our Green Iguana, Stubby - Another Green Iguana, Candy - Our Calico Cat. We also have a 80 Gallon salt water tank with a few fish.

So it was very nice of you to drop by, and I hope you enjoyed yourself. This page will always be changing, so please stop by often.

This page is dedicated to all my family out there who have Computer's and Webtv's! I hope this page brings us closer.


Drop me a line.
It is better to be thought a fool, then to open
your mouth and remove all doubt.

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